UpLamp Turns Your Smartphone Into a Bedside Lamp

Who still has an alarm clock today ? Smartphones have almost totally replaced them on our bedside tables. Bedside lamps could be the next product to meet this tragic fate, if an innovative project currently featured on Kickstarter raises the financing required in order to get on the market. Called the UpLamp, this product is a docking station that works as a charger for your phone, as an alarm clock and as a “lampless lamp”, using your phone's flashlight to set the evening mood.


On Kickstarter, the creator of the concept explains with a great deal of humor the project's genesis: “It all started on a cold winter night – I was walking into the bedroom, my wife was already sleeping, so turning the light on was not an option – she would not appreciate being woken up just after she managed to fall asleep.” Dedicated to couples in particular (but not only!), the UpLamp provides a soft light that allows the user to read or do crosswords without flooding the room with light and wake up their spouse. Using glowing resin, with special florescente additive, the UpLamp collects the flash light beams and translates them into a mood light. The LED of the Apple and Samsung phones can be used without interruption for as long as 30 000 hours. Those who worry about electromagnetic waves can also be reassured: the lamp can be used in Airplane mode.

Operated with a hand clap

UpLamp's controls are also of interest. The user can monitor almost everything with a simple hand gesture: clapping hands to turn the lights on or off and snooze the alarm or wave hands to dim lights up or down. Like some smart bulbs, the Uplamp turns off automatically within 30 minutes of no movement. It uses the smartphone’s flash camera as its light source and works with a mobile app: a simple setting that will allow the manufacturer to provide a relatively inexpensive product when it will reach the market. If you are interested, you can still help finance the project until the 30th of July. The creator's goal is to reach €36 000.


IPhone 5, 5s, 5se, 6, 6s
Samsung Galaxy 5, 6, 6edge, 7, 7edge

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