Switch Bot, a remote robot to operate switches and buttons

Switch Bot will mechanically turn on and off the light, when asked for via the dedicated mobile app.

Switch Bot is an interesting alternative for those who do not want to invest too much in smart home appliances. With this small box, there is no need to replace your traditional switch for a connected one: the automated device will mechanically turn on and off the light, when asked for via the dedicated mobile app.


But the robot does not only control light switches; it is able to operate any button. Placed on the coffee machine, you will be able to make an espresso while still in bed. It can also switch on and off any device. Switch Bot is compatible with IFTTT recipes, which will allows the user to associate the devices remotely controlled with Switch Bot with other connected devices or mobile apps. For example, the lights can be programmed to automatically turn on when you enter the house, or turned off when you leave.

Easy to set up and budget-friendly

The remote robot is far easier to set up than a connected wall switch, as is does not require any electrical connection. To function, Switch Bot has to be fixed on the switch using the adhesive tape placed on the back of the box. Then, you will have to download and configure the app on your smartphone. Switch Bot can be connected via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, allowing the user to control a switch or button from outside of the house – at work for example.

However, there is still one problem to fix. If its creators assure that Switch Bot is compatible with all existing switches, the mechanism cannot trigger some two-way switches, unless the user places another robot on the other side. For this reason, Switch Bot will be more appropriate for pushbutton switches.

On Kickstarter, Switch Bot has surpassed its objective of $3,000 and will be on sale in early 2017. Its price : less than $20.

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