Remote Control: a Mini Smart Button to Leave Your Mobile in Your Pocket

Discreet like a keyboard key, Niu is a smart button developed by NodOn to create shortcuts between mobile phones and their apps.

Discreet like a keyboard key, Niu is a smart button developed by NodOn to create shortcuts between mobile phones and their apps. It can be used to turn on, turn off or adjust the desired light intensity of a lamp or another lighting device. And provides many other features.


Smartphones are often the necessary intermediates for the functioning of smart objects. But when monitoring smart lights, taking out a mobile phone several times a day is not always convenient, especially as traditional wall switches become obsolete. Indeed, once the power is switched off, the mobile phone cannot turn back on the smart light bulb.

In response to this problem, some manufacturers – such as Philips Lighting and its Hue Tap – have elaborated connected light switches. French start-up NodOn, on the other hand, has bet on a smaller, more discreet and versatile device with Niu. Measuring 1.5×1.5×0.4 inches, this button can be connected to any mobile application via its Bluetooth connection. It can thus trigger three different actions when pressed once, twice or in a prolonged way.

An extensive remote control for smartphones

Niu was not specifically developed to control smart light systems. It can monitor virtually anything a smartphone can do: taking a picture or a video, putting out a call to find back your mobile phone (or to escape an unpleasant situation), settle the thermostat's temperature, activate an alarm... However, your smartphone has to remain switched on and the application opened for the shortcut to function.

The configuration is simple: the user will only have to choose the three actions they wish to operate via the dedicated application. Niu has its own IFTTT channel, with hundreds of recipes freely available. The most resourceful users will be able to create their own scenarios. Once configured, the button can be magnetized or left on a table, and can even follow the user in the shower thanks to its waterproofness.

A smart home and remote control expert, NodOn has a range of smart light switches that grows rapidly from year to year. Niu distinguishes itself from Soft Remote, NodOn's other star product, by its simplicity and size – it is approximately three times smaller than Soft Remote. The other main difference lies in power supply: battery for Niu and mechanical energy (EnOcean) for Soft Remote. However, Niu has the same soft feel and flashy neon colors.

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