UpLamp Turns Your Smartphone Into a Bedside Lamp

Who still has an alarm clock today ? Smartphones have almost totally replaced them on our bedside tables. Bedside lamps could be the next product to meet this tragic fate, if an innovative project currently featured on Kickstarter raises the financing required in order to get on the market. Called the UpLamp, this product is a docking station that works as a charger for your phone, as an alarm clock and as a “lampless lamp”, using your phone's flashlight to set the evening mood.

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Which Connected Light Bulb For My Smart Home?

A connected light bulb can be monitored via a mobile.

Creating ambiance and lighting effects, setting preferences, monitoring light sources from a mobile device, using light as an alarm clock... The arrival on the market of smart lighting solutions offer many new possibilities to ensure extra home comfort. This guide's objective is to help users find the connected light bulb - also called smart light bulb - that best suits them, depending on their needs, the price they are ready to pay and the equipment they already have.

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