Himalayan Salt Lamps Become Smart With Zencube

Zencube, the first connected Himalayan salt lamp.

The UK brand Life has always manufactured products which enhance life and home comfort through technology. The last product they have put on the market is a smart Himalayan salt lamp, which can be monitored via smartphone. Conceived to improve wellness and elevate the user’s mood, it also features an essential oils compartment.

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Wireless Battery-free Light Switches: 3 Easy to Install Solutions

Three different easy to install solutions (switches wireless battery-free).

Wireless and battery-free light switches remain relatively unknown to the general public. However, they could soon become an integral part of our urban environment. Our homes are likely to be equipped with this kind of technology in the near future. Whatever its intended purpose – to add a new light switch to an existing installation or to associate it to a remote control system – the main benefit remains the same: the user does not have to fish cables through walls to add simple light bulbs.

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