LuDela: The Smart Candle You Can Light Or Extinguish Via An App

LuDela’s smart candle is a real candle with a real flame – but it has something more.

At first sight, LuDela looks like an ordinary wax candle with an ordinary flame. But several sensors are hidden inside, which turns it into a smart and wireless candle. It can be lit and extinguished via the user’s smartphone, thanks to a dedicated mobile app. It is even possible to select the desired light intensity and to create an ambiance by controlling several candles.


In addition to being smart, LuDela is also reusable. It has three main components: the outer shell, which is available in various colors and textures (including a Christmas edition) and surrounds the candle; the intelligent module which activates the different functionalities; and the wax candle.

When it is completely melted, the candle can be replaced with a new wax cartridge. This is good news, as the complete system will be priced at $99 upon its release in 2017. Wax cartridges are then way less expensive, costing about $8 each. According to the manufacturer, a new cartridge lasts for approximately thirty hours.

Safer than regular candles

Substantial work has been done to make the product safe. A 7-point safety feature has been developed under the name “Wi-Fire”. The smart module automatically extinguishes the flame in some dangerous conditions: for example, if the candle falls over or if a moving object is detected above the flame. LuDela is also protected by a password to prevent kids from lighting it without an adult being present. The mobile app will alert the user when their attention is needed or when the battery is low.

LuDela’s creators use a 100% natural candle, without paraffin or other toxic ingredients. It is made of soy, beeswax, palm or coconut and lead-free wicks. They will also develop a line of scented candles and essential oil refills. Pre-orders are open since September 2016 and orders will ship in early 2017.

Power supply: rechargeable battery
Connectivity: Bluetooth
LuDela’s price: $99
Wax cartridges price per unit: $8

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