Lifx releases a light bulb to extend your home security camera’s vision

Lifx light bulb amplifies the effectiveness of the camera thanks to an “invisible light”.

Californian brand Lifx has become an undisputed leader in the field of smart domestic lighting. In October 2016, it released a smart light bulb called Lifx+. Nearly identical to its little sister Lifx Color, this new product has a little extra: it lights the room normally during the day and emits infrared light during the night to help security cameras see better.


During the night, objects and walls reflect infrared light. It allows night vision cameras to see in the dark and identify any intruders. Lifx light bulb amplifies the effectiveness of the camera thanks to an “invisible light”, without disturbing the occupants of the house. By creating synergies between various smart home devices, the product is in the tradition of the first home automation technologies. 

When functioning normally, luminous intensity reaches 1,100 lumens: a higher level than most connected light bulbs, including those of its competitors like Philips Hue or Ge Link.

Compatible with many popular products

Beside this feature, this new version possesses the same functions as Lifx Color bulb: same size, a plug and play setup which does not require a hub or bridge, more than 16 million visible colors, many available IFTTT recipes and a Wi-Fi control system to turn the light on and off. Many smart home gadgets are compatible with Lifx+, such as Amazon’s voice recognition software Alexa, Nest’s smart thermostat, smoke detector and camera, Arlo Q HD security camera and Samsung SmartThings motion sensor.

Cheaper than the original edition

This new product is interesting for those who still hesitated over buying a Lifx smart light bulb. The manufacturer decreased the purchase price of previous models. Lifx Color's price dropped form $59.99 to $39.99. The prices of Lifx White 800 and Lifx White 900 are respectively of $19.99 and $24.99, that is to say $10 less than before. For now, American customers are the only ones to benefit from these price drops. As for the product we're interested in: Lifx+ is sold for $79.99 each ($139.98 for a pack of two bulbs and $389.94 for a pack of six).

Connectivity: Wi-Fi
Price per unit: $80
Compatibility: iOS, Android
Brightness: 1,100 lumens
Wattage use: 11 Watts
Base sizes: E26, E27, B22

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