Legrand introduces a new connected home control solution

Called Celiane, this new switches and sockets are meant to ensure compatibility with existing smart devices.

The world's largest manufacturer of switches and sockets, Legrand, announced a partnership with a key player in the IoT player, Netatmo. The result is a high-end remote controlled system. Called Celiane, it is meant to ensure compatibility with existing smart devices.


With Eliot IoT development program, launched in 2015, Legrand began to structure its smart home offer. This year, the French manufacturer has taken the next step by introducing Celiane at CES 2017, in Las Vegas. Born of the partnership between Legrand and Netatmo, Celiane is made to be a central control system, allowing the user to monitor from a single switch four different scenarios: leaving home, coming home, waking up and going to bed. The user can also monitor form a smartphone every connected device separately: lamp, plug, roller blind, thermostat, security camera... Compatible with Apple’s HomeKit, the system can also be voice controlled, and quite precisely. A simple “Siri, turn off the living room light”, for example, will be perfectly understood.

Working with wireless switches, the system is very easy to install and won’t require cutting a hole in the wall. Legrand offers three packs, depending on the user’s needs: a toggle switch pack consisting of two smart switches; a six smart plugs pack allowing the user to track energy consumption of the plugged-in devices; and a pack allowing the user to control both the lighting functionalities and the plugs. But these come with a high price tag. The three packs are sold for a price of €119, €699 and €1,249 respectively.

Interoperability and safety

Celiane is highly compatible with other connected devices. The partnership between Legrand and Netatmo, originally known for its smart thermostat and weather station, does not mean it is the only compatible brand. On the contrary, Celiane is compatible with the other products of the Eliot program, as well as with the La Poste digital hub, Samsung’s Artik platform, IFTTT recipes Legrand also worked with Nest on the communication protocol Weave.

The French manufacturer has also placed data security at the center of its products. Basing itself on international research, Legrand conducted case studies on privacy (Privacy Impact Assessment) to integrate from the beginning the concept of right to privacy in its systems. Vulnerability audits and intrusion tests are regularly led by cybersecurity experts.

This new connected home control solution is very promising. But we will have to wait until the end of 2017 for it to become available on the market.

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