Himalayan Salt Lamps Become Smart With Zencube

Zencube, the first connected Himalayan salt lamp.

The UK brand Life has always manufactured products which enhance life and home comfort through technology. The last product they have put on the market is a smart Himalayan salt lamp, which can be monitored via smartphone. Conceived to improve wellness and elevate the user’s mood, it also features an essential oils compartment.


How can it improve wellness? According to Life, it’s a matter of ions. The company just met their funding target to manufacture a lamp that is aimed at balancing ions at home and in the workplace. Here’s how it works: Himalayan salt lamps emit negative ions, which can compensate the too many positive ions produced by computers and electronic devices. It is supposed to have a positive effect on health, according to the British company.

A connected lamp

Called Zencube, this new product goes further than the conventional Himalayan salt lamps. First of all, it is equipped with a RGB LED bulb which can be controlled by an app to change into any color, matching the user’s mood or surroundings. It is the first smart Himalayan salt lamp ever designed. The use of a LED bulb also has significant benefits compared to a conventional Himalayan salt lamp: it consumes way less electricity, and it does not melt or get sticky. The lamp will stay cold even when switched on.

Essential oils diffuser

Another interesting feature is the essential oils compartment – a sort of aromatherapy functionality that perfectly integrates itself into the overall product concept. The Zencube can deodorize the room in which it is used. The user can of course choose the scent they wish to diffuse.

Contemporary design

As for the design, the surface texture is close to the grainy aspect of the conventional Himalayan salt lamp. But the similarity ends there. The organic salt cube is cut into a square shape and integrated in a sleek support that comes in choice of two colors, white or black. The modern version of the Himalayan salt lamp can easily be integrated in most interiors, either at home or at work.

Online success

The Zencube is still very young but has had a nice start. In June, Life launched a Kickstarter campaign to finance the production of the lamp. The company raised £10,000 (about $13,000) in less than 15 hours.

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