Smart Plug: Check Your Energy Consumption on Your iPhone

Elgato’s mobile app “Eve Energy” allows you to monitor various plugged-in devices and access your energy use on your iPhone.

You want to know exactly how much electricity you consume or save money on the bill? Elgato’s mobile app “Eve” allows you to monitor various plugged-in devices and access your energy use on your iPhone.


Making your home or apartment smarter is not only about being able to remotely monitor your devices. It is also about having access to the useful data it generates. Manufactured by Elgato, the smart plug Eve Energy allows the user to check on their smartphone the consumption level of the plugged-in devices.

Eve Energy is, at the same time, a power meter, a plug and a wireless light switch. The three functionalities can be monitored from an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. The user can switch on an off any plugged-in device (lamp, television set, Hi-Fi system…) via the free mobile app called “Eve”, or use Siri to control the device with their voice. Each device or group of devices can be given a chosen name, which will allow the user to give simple commands. For example: “Siri, switch on TV.”


The consumption sensor is integrated into the plug and sends information to the mobile app, which generates data on the energy use of each device. Easy to understand and available on a daily, monthly and yearly basis, this information can be used to reduce the house’s energy consumption and thus save money on the electricity bill.

The Eve mobile app complements the other Elgato’s applications and sensors. For example, “Eve Room” generates data on air quality, temperature and humidity level inside the house. The weather station “Eve Weather” gives information on the climatic data of the house and garden (temperature, humidity, air pressure), while the sensor “Eve Door & Window” indicates whether the house’s doors and windows are opened or closed.


The setup is very easy. Eve Energy simply has to be plugged into an existing outlet. No hub, gateway or bridge is needed. The sensor is also compatible with Apple HomeKit. The user can thus add, for each room, different connected devices to make their home smarter and control their electric and electronic devices – light bulbs, plugs, switches, heating system, air conditioning, smart locks, sensors… – via their smartphone.

Scenarios involving different devices can also be created. For example, the system can be programmed to switch off the lights, lock the doors and turn down heating when the user leaves the house. A “wake up” scenario can involve boiling the kettle, increasing the heat and opening window blinds. Data encryption ensures the user’s confidentiality and safety.

Main charateristics

Connectivity: Bluetooth
Per unit price: $50
Compatibility: iOS, Homkit


The integrated consumption sensor makes the difference. The product is easy to install and is compatible with HomeKit, which makes it an ideal device for those who wish to make their home smarter while keeping things simple.

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