Emberlight Socket Turns Any Bulb into a Smart and Dimmable Light

To set it up, the user only has to screw the regular bulb into the Emberlight socket.

If you find the smart light bulbs too expensive or complicated to install, Emberlight might be a solution that suits your needs. This socket can simply turn a regular bulb (halogen, LFC or LED) into a connected one. Your light can then be remotely controlled via a dedicated mobile app, without using the wall switch.


Connected via either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, Emberlight can control light inside and outside the house. It is also an interesting alternative to dimmer switches, because the light intensity can be adjusted via the application. Different luminous ambiances can be saved and activated by your smartphone. The app can handle several sockets simultaneously or separately. The name of every room will be displayed, facing the possible options.

Easy-to-use and reusable

Emberlight socket is simple to install, as it requires no connection nor any extra device, hub or bridge. To set it up, the user only has to screw the regular bulb into the socket, which will itself be screwed into a ceiling light or lamp socket. Then, the only thing left to do will be to synchronize the product with the mobile app.

The price can seem a little bit high at first ($50, when some smart light are sold for less than $30), but the adaptor can be placed on a new light bulb as soon as the previous one is burned-out. The lifespan of connected capabilities is thus higher, even if the LED light bulbs already have a good longevity (close to 30,000 hours).

Before buying the product, particular attention should be paid to its dimensions. Measuring 2.1 x 2.1 x 2.8 inches, the socket can be too large to fit in some lamps, so be sure to check the available space inside your luminaire before purchasing.

Main characteristics

Connectivity: Wi-Fi & Bluetooth
Price: $50
Compatibility: iOS, Android
Fitting: E26


An affordable and clever compromise to install a smart light system, in the manner of connected switches and plugs. Very easy to set up and to use, Emberlight is a good alternative to take a first step into the world of home automation.

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