Aurora, Smart LED Panels To Customize Your Wall Lighting

Aurora's triangular LED panels assemble easily to create customized shapes once fixed on the wall.

Developed by Canadian start-up Nanoleaf, Aurora will please the design aficionados. Its triangular LED panels assemble easily to create customized shapes once fixed on the wall. The color of each panel can then be configured via a mobile app.


The three Nanoleaf founders started from the premise that a LED light did not have to look like a conventional incandescent lamp. In 2013, this assessment led to the creation of Nanoleaf One, a dodecahedron-shaped LED lamp. The last invention of the Canadian start-up, Aurora, retains this particular care for design.

The shape of this new product is triangular, at least when you take one element. Indeed, the idea is to assemble several panels, in the style of Lego bricks. The user can then create the shape they want: a heart, a wave, a pyramid… 

The Aurora starter kit comes with 9 panels, to which can be added up to 30 panels (complementary panels can be bought in 3-panel packs).

Easy setup

A single element which is used as a base is connected to the power supply and fixed on the wall. A first panel is them assembled with this base, followed by the others. The user is completely free to choose on which side to continue the shape. Chips are provided to connect the panels to each other. The rest of the installation is similar to the setup procedure of most connected lighting systems. The Nanoleaf mobile app, compatible with Android and iPhone (iOS), has to be downloaded on a smartphone and synchronized with the user’s Wi-Fi.

The mobile app allows the user to change the panels’ color, each being independently controlled. Each scene can be memorized and reproduced later with a single command. Other basic features are also available, such as a progressive wake-up mechanism.

For those who do not want to use only their smartphone to control light, Aurora’s manufacturers added on the main panel a button to switch it on and off, and a button to change the lighting ambiance.

Voice control and IFTTT recipes

The panels can also be voice-controlled using Siri or Apple’s Homekit. Before the end of 2016, Aurora will be compatible with Amazon’s Alexa. The start-up also plans to give the users access to the IFTTT recipes, allowing them to personalize their experience by connecting several smart objects (such as the Nest thermostat and smoke detector).

Every panel generates 100 lumens, which is a pretty low level of brightness. Nevertheless, the 9 asembled panels are bright enough to light up a room.

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